LD 1589, “An Act to Protect the Liberty of Immigrants and Asylum Seekers in Maine,” is typical of the laws and policies of declared “sanctuary” states or cities, which prohibit local law agencies from enforcing the immigration laws of the United States.

For example, this particular bills says local law enforcement cannot inquire into a person’s immigration status or detain them on the basis of a “hold” request.

Local police cannot make an arrest on the basis of a “hold” request or assist federal authorities.

Local police cannot use an immigration authority employee as an interpreter or provide any office space for them.

There are many restrictions of local law enforcement authorities to enforce federal immigration law in the seven-page bill.

What angers me is that liberal Democratic legislators appear to disavow their oath to protect and defend the laws of the United States, while creating an illegal vacuum in law enforcement for the state. Thus, Maine could become a “sanctuary state.”

Criminals could go undetected because of the legislation until they commit a new crime. Then, someone becomes a victim of a crime that could have been prevented.

I hope people will remember that insulting and shameful bill at the next election when the names of Democrats appear on the ballot.

Larry Hilt, Poland

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