Fifty years ago, my grandmother said, “If you can’t pay for it, just look.”

Borrowing has become a way of life, especially for a house or car (which I realize is a necessity). But borrowing comes with high interest rates from banks, lenders and, especially, credit card companies, which make millions from credit card users. And there are places that don’t accept cash — credit cards must be used — so both can make money off the consumer.

How does the public know what local, state and federal expenditures are really necessary instead of wishful thinking? The amount of waste might be shocking, especially at the federal level where millions of dollars are spent daily on who knows what. Where does that money come from? Take a wild guess.

Trade with China — who pays? John Q. Public, that’s who. The tariffs on imports from China are paid by the wholesaler, who passes those expenses on to the retailer, who passes costs on the consumers. Who suffers? U.S. producers cannot sell to China because they cannot afford to. I read about one farmer who depends on selling his soybeans, but says he will have to raise hay. Walmart has already raised prices due to the tariff war.

I would like to see all retailers publish a list of all the goods made in China for the public to see so we could boycott those products. Retailers should be mandated to do that.

George Ferguson, Sabattus

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