I began attending Rumford Select Board meetings after returning home to stay and realizing that the town had not changed much.

I soon realized no one on the board seemed to ask the question “Where are the dollars coming from for this new initiative?”

I have discussed my concerns with some of the board members (those interested in listening) and with the Interim town manager but walked away with more questions than answers.

Which leads me to this: Article 20 — Bonds, on the soon-to-be-voted-on ballot, is overstated by $53,937.64. The Maine Bond Bank (https://www.mmbb.com/Borrowers.aspx) has Rumford’s three bonds amortized at less than what is on the ballot. Why is the town paying more? Did the town default a prior payment, or is the requirement being overstated?

In contacting a member of the finance committee, as well as the current town manager, I received an acknowledgement of the fact and that this is rubber stamped as a “must fund” as the answer. To my knowledge, it has never been validated by those responsible to review the stated requirement.

In my 32 years in the financial field, I am astounded at the practices of members of the select board, who residents elected to represent them.

The web site for Rumford lacks information and Facebook is not seen by all. Citizens are in the dark and everything said is hearsay.

It is time to change the make-up of this board. We need to make this town great again and a magnet to outside businesses.

Marisa Bethea, Rumford

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