A year and a half ago, I moved from Pennsylvania to Maine to work for a company I have heard of all my life. My wife is from here and I couldn’t be happier to live in this beautiful state and work for a great Maine company.

My time here has taught me that Maine is eager to welcome new families who move here, put down roots and become a part of Maine’s future. It has made me proud of the choice to come here, and I am grateful for the opportunity to live and work in Maine.

I have also learned that there are those in the Maine Legislature who want to punish the company I work for and, by extension, me and all my fellow co-workers. My company is Poland Spring. I work there as a warehouse supervisor and am proud of what I do.

I read that Rep. Lori Gramlich has introduced a bill to put a double-digit tax on water extracted for bottling. She has made no secret that the law she has written is aimed at Poland Spring. There is no other company in Maine that fits her bill.

People all over the country know Poland Spring. It is what brought me to Maine. Why anyone would want to punish a company for being successful is a mystery, but that is what this bill is about — punishment.

It is a bad bill and I ask the Legislature to reject it.

Scott Monko, Lewiston

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