To the Editor:

Donald Trump’s prime mechanism for escaping any personal responsibility for his own devious endeavors is to distort factual findings with a perpetual litany of lies.

During his run for the presidency on national TV for all to behold, Donald Trump requested that Russia find and expose all of his opponent’s questionable emails. Russia promptly strove to oblige and at the same time, orchestrated a deluge of ambiguous negativity about his opponent on social news media, which resulted in a successful request for collusion.

After becoming president of the United States via Russia’s assistance, Trump requested that James Comey, the head of the FBI, desist from any further investigation of Russia’s interference in that electoral process. Due to Comey’s noncompliance and his reluctance to pledge blind allegiance to the Trump presidency, he was promptly dismissed.

Again on national TV for all to behold, in a meeting with Russian diplomats in the Oval Office, Trump advised the Russians that by firing Comey, Trump had indeed thwarted any attempted further investigation into Russian interference of that election. Trump’s endeavor to excuse Russian involvement with helping him obtain the presidency indeed constituted a blatant exercise in the obstruction of justice.

Which incited Trump’s pitiful litany of lies.

No collusion, no collusion? No obstruction, no obstruction?

Don Chase

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