A few weeks ago, we attended the Edward Little High School senior class production of “Camp Rock.” The kids did a terrific job — they sang and danced with enthusiasm and energy. We were so impressed with the show they put on while having so few resources. The sets and costumes were minimal, yet the scenes were convincing.

The striking drawback was the lack of a decent theater for their production. These talented seniors had to use the small stage in the Walton School gym and the audience had to sit on metal folding chairs. The acoustics were poor and the sight lines were difficult.

To us, it was a striking example of why a fully-appointed auditorium is needed in the new high school. There is plenty of research out there about the value of the arts in supporting student learning and development. Auburn has an opportunity to provide students with the facilities they need to get a fully-rounded education. The chance won’t come again any time soon.

I encourage Auburn residents to support the new school’s auditorium.

Susan and Woody Trask, Auburn

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