I am writing to urge the citizens of Auburn to vote “yes” on both questions this June 11. The questions relate to the much-needed new Edward Little High School.

If both questions win voter approval, Auburn’s young people will be educated in a new, state-of-the-art building. It will have facilities to prepare graduates for both college and vocational careers.

In addition, the new facility will have all the athletic fields that the students can benefit from. It will also have an auditorium that will be capable of accommodating the entire student body and faculty at once.

Those facilities are not “frills,” they are necessities.

I was in the second class to graduate from the present facility. It was built on the cheap and was overcrowded within a couple of years. Add-on after add-on was made. In the end, it cost way more than if it had be constructed properly to begin with.

Let’s not fool ourselves into making that same mistake again.

Yes, the new construction will mean a small tax increase. However, educating the city’s young people is more than worth that small increase.

I, myself, have no child or grandchild that will ever attend that school, yet I know that it is needed.

I also realize that it should be done right the first time.

I ask Auburn residents to look toward the future, and to vote “yes” on both questions.

Frank Ayotte, Auburn

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