How has the U.S. Constitution‘s guarantee of religious freedom morphed into the right to inflict one’s religious beliefs on other people? That was not what the Founding Fathers intended. Until about 1880, abortion was perfectly legal, using drugs or medical procedures (source: “The Surprising History of Abortion,” Jessica Ravitz). Church members were not protesting.

The majority of Americans believe that women have the right to determine what they do with their own bodies. We don’t force men to have vasectomies to prevent accidental pregnancies.

I think that most of this current hysteria about abortion represents the last stand of angry old white men who are furious that modern women are slipping out of their previously “godlike” control.

Women do not have equal rights if they lose the right to make their own decisions about their own bodies. Many states are now trying to take away that right.

Women, and the men who support them, should not let that happen.

Ellen Field, New Gloucester

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