What does a new high school mean for Auburn?

It means an opportunity to give the city’s students a world-class facility that will benefit them and the community for years to come. It means providing something Auburn has never had — a performing arts center. It means providing high-quality athletic facilities on site for athletes and community. It means providing school faculty and staff a facility that enables them to work and teach at a high level. It means a new state-of-the-art, efficient facility that will save on energy costs and improve air quality. It means enhanced opportunities to welcome the public into the building.

The new building will truly strengthen the city and will be an economic boost for the community.

I have spent the past two-plus years working with a motivated and committed group of city counselors, architects, school faculty and staff and community members as we worked through the process of conceptualizing and designing the building with consistent feedback from the community. We have poured our energy and time into this process, and we are incredibly excited at the end result.

I hope that Auburn residents will vote “yes” on Question 1 and Question 2, to provide Auburn with the brand new high school facility that the community deserves and students need.

Auburn cannot afford to lose this opportunity that the state has provided.

Jonathan Bausman, Auburn

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