In his letter (May 26) Jamie Beaulieu believes opposition to CMP’s corridor project comes from the same LePage-era conservatives who opposed wind turbines. Not true.

Opposition is coming from many sides, including environmentalists demanding data proving that the massive swath of trees wouldn’t better serve climate-change goals by allowing the trees to do what they do best — sequestering carbon dioxide directly from the air.

Opposition is coming from climate-change activists wanting a straight answer from QuebecHydro on whether it will be producing more energy for our grid or diverting what the New York grid receives, causing them to increase their non-renewable energy usage to make up the difference.

Maine’s home-grown renewable energy sector is sounding alarms about its ability to compete with QuebecHydro. Alternative energy advocates are upset that, rather than focusing on building our own infrastructure to produce and distribute Maine-owned renewable energy resources, Maine could become dependent upon a foreign-owned energy company.

Globalization critics are concerned that Maine residents are being taken advantage of so that a government-owned Canadian company can have a Spanish-owned Maine company transport electricity to a British-owned Massachusetts company.

Private land owners and entire communities are worried about property values and a way of life they feel is under attack. Disgruntled and mistreated CMP customers are appalled that CMP is going to gain even more power and influence in this state.

Those are the people that oppose CMP’s corridor project — Maine citizens with real concerns, and it is shameful that they are being ignored.

Randy Lautz, West Poland

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