I am in favor of an auditorium at the proposed new Edward Little High School that would be large enough for the entire student body, including staff. With the addition of vocational students, 1,200 seats are not too many.

Having a quality high school could also draw additional families to Auburn. Now is the time to build for the future.

Having a facility to hold theatrical productions, student concerts and other events would be a plus. Auburn’s residents should learn from the past. The auditorium for the current ELHS was put off until Auburn could afford it. It still hasn’t happened, so it is long overdue.

The state is paying the lion’s share for the proposed new school. I believe Auburn residents and businesses can raise enough funds for most, if not all, of the additional cost. Look at the library, for example. There are many businesses and individuals willing and able to step up to the plate when invited.

I am hoping other Auburn residents will join me in voting “yes” on both questions, 1 and 2. It is our time.

Elizabeth Young, Auburn

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