LIVERMORE — Tuesday night, May 28 Selectpersons set Monday, June 24, as the date to hold a public hearing and special town meeting regarding medical marijuana sales at Inside Out Indoor Garden Supplies LLC.

Livermore selectpersons vote Tuesday to spend up to $10,000 to shim a section of Gibbs Mill Road, between Route 4 and Robinson Road. Livermore Falls Advertiser photo by Pam Harnden Livermore Falls Advertiser photo by Pam Harnden

Owners Nick and Karin Ashmore have operated the facility on Route 4 for five years. Karin was a licensed provider prior to when state laws changed on December 3.

The Planning Board reviewed the site plan for Inside Out at their May 22 meeting.

Administrative assistant Amy Byron said the Ashmores are looking to expand, change their business offerings. They do not plan to change the store’s footprint.

“Karin is grandfathered as a medical marijuana caregiver. The Planning Board determined the application is complete. The next step is to schedule a public hearing with a special town meeting immediately afterwards for voting,” Byron said.

The board opted in April to do nothing with regard to a medical marijuana moratorium on the advice of Maine Municipal Association. If a medical marijuana business wants to operate in the town, it must go to a town vote.

Byron said caregivers are not required to tell towns they are licensed.

Selectperson Ben Guild said Karin has been selling supplies and paraphernalia but not the actual product.

“She basically had everything set up, ready to go,” he said.

Byron asked if she should schedule the meetings on a night when the Selectpersons or Planning Board meets.

Selectperson Tom Gould asked if it could be held on the same night as the annual town meeting, June 12. Other board members were not supportive.

“We want to make sure people know about this meeting, have as many people there as possible,” Gould said.

Byron said, “The last thing we want is having people say they didn’t know.”

The board agreed on June 24, the date of the first selectboard meeting after the annual town meeting as the date for the marijuana hearing and vote. A time and location have not been determined.

Information will be distributed at the June 11 primary vote and the annual town meeting.

Byron said she has to publish the meeting in three places.

In other business, the board unanimously approved spending up to $10,000 to shim one side of the Gibbs Mill Road between Route 4 and Robinson Road. Spencer Paving Group is currently paving the Robinson Road.

Highway foreman Roger Ferland said one side is sinking pretty hard.

Chretien said he and Ferland looked it over.

“It’s about 100 feet of road. We’ll waste more using cold mix. If $10,000 will cover it, do it,” he said.

There is money left in the capital highway improvement budget. That money had been planned for a couple of culverts on the River Road.

“It will be more cost effective (to do Gibbs Mills Road) since the pavers are already there. They won’t have to move their equipment,” Gould said.

Ferland planned to meet with Spencer Paving Wednesday morning to see if the work could be fit in.

“It’s just shim. It won’t look pretty but it will be effective,” Chretien said.

Thursday, May 30 Ferland said Spencer Paving will do the Gibbs Mill Road work.

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