While in high school, I performed in two to three shows a year at Edward Little and participated regularly at Community Little Theatre. I sang in choirs and directed music for the All-Student Theatre Project, among other things. My years at ELHS were among the most fulfilling and influential in my education, but we were always limited by the facilities.

Every time the drama club presented its main-stage productions, we hiked down behind the school and across Minot Avenue to CLT, where rehearsals were squeezed in between community productions. We were fortunate to have access to a functional theater, but it was always temporary, with limited time to finish sets, hang lights and get used to staging. A dedicated theater would give countless future generations of students the opportunity to learn and polish their craft in a modern space worthy of their talents.

Every time choirs gave a concert, we sang either in the gym (a bathtub-like acoustic with uncomfortable seating and no piano) or off-campus in area churches with very little rehearsal time. An acoustically-designed theater would provide future students the opportunity to rehearse and perform in a modern venue that could accommodate and enhance the music they make.

If Auburn residents care about this community and its children, if they want to be part of a brighter future in Auburn and make it possible for future generations of artists and athletes to excel, I implore them to vote “yes” on both Questions 1 and 2 on June 11.

Colin Britt, Jersey City, New Jersey

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