Dirigo High School senior Ethan Couture addressed the Class of 2019 at graduation exercised Friday night in Dixfield.  , “You will never know what feels right if you never experiment. Try new things,” he said.

DIXFIELD — Forty-five seniors who received their diplomas Friday evening at Dirigo High School were encouraged to be themselves and not be try to meet others’ expectations.

In his address, titled “Hats for Everyhing,” senior Ethan advised classmates to try new hats.

“Try combinations of hats,” he said. “Don’t let yourself be trapped by expectations of others and what they want you to wear. Only you decide what hat or hats to wear.”

Couture said the hats they wear express who they want to be and what they show others.

“But what lies underneath is what makes you you,” he said. “Let us take our hat collection to the next stage in our lives. Let us not be afraid to be ourselves when moving forward. Let us show the world just how unique we are.”

In the Farewell to Seniors, Nolan DeGroot advised graduates to look to family and friends for support.

“There’s no shame in it, at all,” he said.

“What you do now can and will affect your dreams. So be cautious. One mistake could cut your dream out of the picture. Don’t risk your body or your credibility. Take a chance, but not a risk,” he said.

Gabrielle White presented the Address to Parents, saying, “In the fall, as we leave for the university, trade school or the work force, there will be tears but you have to remember, this is not goodbye but see you later.”

The Dirigo High School senior chorus sing “You’re Gonna Miss This” by Trace Adkins at graduation exercises Friday evening in Dixfield. Rumford Falls Times photo by Bruce Farrin

Before the presentation of diplomas, Principal Lisa Twomey said education is not just about the diploma or the certificate or the degree.

“It’s an oil change for the mind,” she said. “It will keep you going, bringing you to new experiences and connecting you to new people, with new friends, new mentors and maybe a new family of your own.

“Your sense of fulfillment or your sense of regret will be based entirely on your actions. The question will be: Did I do what was right?” sge said.

Marching out of DeFoe Gymnasium, the Class of 2019 gathered to share hugs with family and classmates.

The majority of the class then boarded buses for a Project Graduation celebration at Cranmore Mountain Resort in North Conway, New Hampshire.

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