After a super stylish colleague pointed out that Friday is National Flip-Flop Day, we couldn’t unknow it. Couldn’t unsee it. Couldn’t possibly shop for anything else — no flipping way.

Besides, ’tis the season.*

* It’s also, as it turns out, pre-Thanksgiving season? But more on that in a sec.

Flip-flops are one of those items that can get a little beaten down over the course of a summer, so this is the perfect time to refresh and reboot, as it were.

In three quick stops, we discovered mega deals, a place you’d never think to shop for a tuxedo shirt and bow tie AND where you can find a wearable unicorn horn in the Twin Cities.

Just Bag Lady and Shopping Siren, doing our public service, bringing you sweet feet and unicorn dreams.

• Mossimo bedazzled-strap flip-flops, various sizes, Marden’s, $10.79

Yes, that Mossimo! The one who had the exclusive line with Target and is now maybe facing jail time for allegedly cheating his daughter’s way into USC by Photoshopping her face on a crew team!

That was Bag Lady’s first thought upon seeing these. Second thought: These are super sparkly and cute, and $8 less than you’d find them at Target.

• School spirit flip-flops by Toe Goz, men’s and women’s, various sizes, Marden’s, $1

Go, (insert school name here)! These classic, super thick-soled, black flip-flops have a wide variety of school names embroidered on the straps, including Ole Miss, Dartmouth, Holy Cross and Cornell. Very random, but a super sweet deal. And if you happened to have gone to Dartmouth, even better.

C9 Champion Veanna flip-flops for women, $8.99 at Marden’s. Celebrate National Flip-Flop Day — and every summer day — in style.

• C9 Champion Veanna flip-flops for women, sizes 8-10, Marden’s, $8.99

Aqua flip-flops with gray thong and a nubby foot bed for … actually, we don’t know why shoemakers put those little raised dots in their shoes. The bumps help sandals stay on? They provide a mini massage with each step? They serve as a sandal wear bar? If you buy these, let us know.

• Xhilaration Delta flip-flops for women, various sizes, Marden’s, $4.79

Purple or mauve flip-flops with a leaf pattern on a velvety foot bed. So soft you will want to wear these all the time. You may get a little cold come December, but did we mention soft?

• West Loop full family of flip-flops, various sizes, Walgreens, $4

For the kids, there are alligators, unicorns and cartoon characters. For mom and dad, basic solids like navy and black. Flip-flopping on which flip-flops to get? At $4 each, the correct answer is: several.

Pair with:

• Unicorn horn headband, Walgreens, $2.99

We highly recommend these purple or yellow unicorn horn headbands be worn with the kids’ unicorn flip-flops. You know, continuity. But there’s absolutely no reason that you — enchanting grown-up — couldn’t also go full unicorn in plain blue sandals. Make your summer magical.

• White canvas sneakers for kids and adults, various sizes,  Hobby Lobby, $9.99

First, shout out to Hobby Lobby for stocking their Thanksgiving decor this week. Thanksgiving, people. We’re in awe. Not sure whether it’s good awe or bad awe, but there was definitely a lot of awe going on.

Second, we had a most unusual find on an end cap deep into the store: White tuxedo shirts and black bow ties by Fashion Gear ($22.99). We never, ever would have thought to look to Hobby lobby for formal wear accoutrements.

Clearly, we should start.

Third, alas, Hobby Lobby had no flip-flops that we could find, but it did have a full array of white canvas summer sneakers, all just waiting to be painted/drawn on/blinged up. A blank canvas! Literally.

Pair with:

• Tulip fabric markers, Hobby Lobby, $6.99-$29.99 (plus 40% off)

Get your art on.

Best find: West Loop bejeweled women’s flip-flops, Walgreens, $15

With bling along the thong and a slight heel, these are the fancy flip-flops you wear to a summer concert or big family reunion barbecue or red carpet premiere. Wherever you want to look flipping fabulous.

Think twice: About any toe, foot and ankle hang-ups keeping you from flip-flopping about

Who cares how pale/warped/hairy/less-than-perfect you think they look? They’re at least 4 to 100 feet from anyone else’s face, and if they’re closer than that, it’s on them.

Set those tootsies free! From now ’til at least Thanksgiving.

Bag Lady and Shopping Siren’s true identities are protected by a pair of stylish, sweater-wearing Doberman pinschers (who are ready to flip-flop flick these ticks) and the Customer Service counter at the Sun Journal. You can reach them at [email protected] and [email protected]

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