Parts of a car or truck, including a bumper, were left behind in the Blackie’s Farm field at the intersection of Jackson Hill and Center Minot Hill roads in Minot. Someone drove through the tomato plants and destroyed them. Facebook photo

MINOT — Been to Blackie’s Farm lately? Missing a bumper and other parts from your car or truck? Police would like to help you.

On their Facebook page Thursday morning, Blackie’s owners reported that someone drove across their field overnight, plowing over several rows of tomatoes in the process. Presumably, the unknown driver had failed to stop at the intersection of Jackson Hill and Center Minot Hill roads.

“Had to be a rough ride,” read the Facebook post. “If you are looking for all the parts for your car that were left behind we got them!”

In their post, farm workers said at least once a year, “an unexpected guest” drives into the field after blowing through the stop sign at the intersection.

They also posted a video on their Facebook page, revealing a set of tire tracks across the rows of young tomato plants.

After the video was posted at about 8 a.m., roughly 40 people weighed in with comments about the damage to the crops. Some advised the farm to place a game camera in the area to help identify vandals. Others suggested parking boulders or machinery — one man suggested a manure spreader — to stop cars and trucks from going into the field.

Others had more radical ideas about how to punish the offenders.

“I get too tired seeing hardworking people get their work destroyed,” one woman wrote. “If you find out who did this, have them work on the farm for a few weeks no pay — teach them what our farmers do to feed all of us, including them.”

Anyone with information about the vehicle that drove over the property is asked to call Maine State Police at 207-624-7076.

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