In 2020, the people of the United States cannot allow the Russians and large corporations to divide us, to shift the burden of taxes on us, to destroy this planet, or to propagate more war in the Middle East and around the world.

Most of them have safe haven and lots of money already. We do not. If we don’t smarten up, they will win.

The only way the United States can defeat them in this war against foreign governments and the rich oligarchs is to unite as Americans and to recognize their efforts to promote hate, fear, misinformation, lies and bribery of our politicians.

They want us to be at each others’ throats to pave the way for them to unify behind those politicians in Washington, who obstruct and pass tax-cutting bills and banking deregulation on their behalf.

Our battles should not be against each other; it should be against them.

Patrick Eisenhart, Lewiston

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