Ahead of World UFO Day, a Salt Lake City-based company has declared Maine one of the best states to see a UFO.

Dead last? The Lone Star State.

“If you’re scrambling to avoid an alien abduction, the safest place for you to live is Texas,” according to the report.

SatelliteInternet.com married statistics from the National UFO Reporting Center and U.S. Census to find Maine has had 70.23 sightings per 100,000 people.

The top five is heavy on states in the northern part of the country: Washington, Montana, Vermont, Alaska, Maine. And the bottom five is heavy on the South: Texas, Louisiana, Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama.

“I was coming up dry on theories,” Media Relations Specialist Cosette Jarrett said Wednesday. “I guess that there are two things here: You’re more likely to spot a UFO in the North than the South or people have a stronger belief in the North than they do in the South and they’re more likely to report something funny that they see up in the sky.”

Jarrett said her company felt like it would be a fun time to crunch the numbers with UFO interest after the New York Times’ story of Navy pilots coming forward to report strange objects in the sky.

Attitudes toward UFOs have been changing in the U.S.

In Chapman University’s 2018 Survey of American Fears, 41% of people believe aliens had visited Earth in the recent past and 35% believe they’ve come in modern times, compared to 35% and 26.2%, respectively, the year before.

For anyone keeping a paranormal scorecard, more people believed in ghosts (57.7%) and fewer in Bigfoot (20.7%).

The National UFO Reporting Center has accounts of 957 UFO reports in Maine, 17 more than when SatelliteInternet.com ran its numbers, that date back to July 1, 1946, in South Portland: “motionless, dark oblong, noon sky over ocean, felt Energy-Pull of Observing craft; when spotted, accelerated straight upwards fast.”

Some are anonymous, at least one in Auburn a potential hoax and some have been deemed likely satellites or things that should be up there, like Venus.

World UFO Day, should you want to look up, is July 2.

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