State and local government officials, Medical and Health Professionals, Outdoor Educators, Youth Development Organizations, businesses and other interested parties are invited to join Rangeley Lakes Heritage Trust and Rangeley Health and Wellness at a special session on Monday, Aug 12, from 10 am to 4 pm at the Rangeley Inn.

Speaking will be Professor Harvey Milkman who teaches at Metro State in Denver, CO and Reykjavik University in Iceland. Harvey’s work was instrumental in creating and guiding the “Iceland Model.” Over the past 20 years, Iceland has gone from having the highest rates of teen drug and alcohol abuse to the lowest.  The Iceland Model has since been adopted by 31 countries and numerous cities around the world. We believe that we can learn from the Iceland Model and integrate this approach into a comprehensive effort to get people of all ages outdoors and active, improve our health, and benefit our local economy.

Participants will begin to envision Rangeley as a model rural community where people of all ages are active and outdoors year-round, where health outcomes are continually improved and where the environment and economy benefit from these activities.

Space is limited. Interested parties should contact RLHT at (207) 864-7311 for availability.

About Rangeley Lakes Heritage Trust

The Rangeley Lakes Heritage Trust maintains traditional public access and uses of over 14000 acres of conservation land for recreation, education, and scientific study.  They operate EcoVenture Youth Camp, Headwaters Lake Protection Program, and offer remote and traditional camping through Cupsuptic Lake Park & Campground.

To learn more about RLHT or how to get involved, visit

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