High Honor Roll

9th Grade
Emily Eastlack
Mya Laliberte
Lily Lavallee
Hannah McMillan
Ella Shaffer
Evan Smith

10th Grade
Autumn-Sky Williams

11th Grade
Lauren Eastlack
Lauren Farmer

12th Grade
Elijah Bliss
Natausha Cogley
Amber Morrill

Honor Roll

9th Grade
Lily Emerson
Winnie LaRochelle
Emmarae MacFawn
Bristol Quimby
Kitty Rahman

10th Grade
Luke Beaulieu
Will Brey
Anastasia Champagne
Emma Jacot-Descombes
Ellah Smith

11th Grade
Camdan Carmichael
Ian Lillis
Olivia Pye
Abigail Waldeck
Gabrielle White

12th Grade
Vanessa Bisson
Olivia Hall
Abigail Kennedy
Payton Ross
Seth Vorous

High Honor Roll is awarded to students who achieve all As (90 or greater) in all courses.

Honor Roll is awarded to students who achieve As and Bs (80 or greater) in all courses.

An Incomplete (INC) renders the student ineligible for High Honors or Honors for the quarter.

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