LEWISTON — Pelletier’s Karate Academy congratulates Little Ninjas (ages 3-6), kids (ages 7-12), teens and adults who successfully completed their tests for new belts recently. Students performed physical fitness, basics, katas (set series of movements), and self-defense, and demonstrated knowledge of karate history and terminology.

Pictured are are adults and teens who earned new belts at Pelletier’s Karate Academy: front row (left to right): Kassidy Cote; second row: Alex Reblin, Michelle Lampron, and Caleb Robitaille; third row: Sensei Matt Vattaso, Judy Castonguay, Sensei Mike Bourget, Jack Anderson, Zach Lampron, and Jason Almquist; back row: Sensei Per Almquist, JP Cote, Tristan Surette, Jason Wooten, Dave Hamlin, Scotty Almquist, Justin Roundy, Jason Reblin, and Sensei Sadie Landry. Submitted Photo

Pictured are kids who earned new belts at Pelletier Karate Academy: front row (left to right): Lillie Bachelder, Rowyn Bilodeau, Calen Crosby, and JieLin Wu; second row: Marissa Veilleux, Damian Barajas, Matthew Gordon, Payton Bureau, and Chandler Cole; third row: Emily Desrosiers, Bailey Toderico, Howie Wu, Evelyn Caron, Jack Caron, Julian Barajas, Savannah Karpowitz, Sydney Cole, Caleb Bear, Senpai Kassidy Cote, Max Reblin, and YieLin Zhang; back row: Fiona Landry, Senpai Jason Reblin, Sensei Matt Vattaso, Sensei Sadie Landry, Senpai Judy Castonguay, Sensei Per Almquist, and Vivian Hamlin. Submitted Photo

Pictured are Little Ninjas who earned new belts at Pelletier Karate Academy: front row (left to right): Brayan Harris, Kade Williams, Simon Castonguay, and Avery Cotton; middle row: Adrian Holm, Gabby Holm, Senpai Josh Lampron, Arya Desrosiers, Senpai Noah Lampron, Senpai Kassidy Cote; back row: Senpai Fiona Landry, Sensei Sadie Landry, Senpai Judy Castonguay, and Sensei Per Almquist Submitted Photo

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