By an overwhelming margin, Jay has become the 17th town to vote against the New England Clean Energy Connect Project. At this point, there has been no popular support for that project, but plenty of public opposition.

Oddly, even as we learn of more scientific criticism and opposition mounts, Gov. Janet Mills digs in her heels. She has now vetoed two bills from her own party — one to give local towns along the route a voice in the matter.

What is the source of her adamancy?

The Natural Resources Council of Maine, Maine’s premier environmental organization and leader in climate research and policy, has come out against the project. She has plenty of cover to let these communities have their say.

The governor chooses instead to stand by Central Maine Power, a company now well known more for its deceptive billing practices and dishonesty. How or why can we, and why does she, believe their science, job forecasts and economic promises?

Fifty years ago, provincial Premier Robert Burassa talked his way past the interests of the native residents of Quebec to put much of their land under water. He promised the moon but what the Innu and Cree got was dispossession, eviction and poisoned water.

Gov. Mills now seems to want to play deaf to the voices of her constituents to further that same hydroelectric empire.

Once again the clear wishes and interests of local people are being ignored to further corporate interests.

Steve Bien, Jay

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