DEAR SUN SPOTS: On The Longest Day,, June 21, Oxford Hills Duplicate Bridge held two bridge games to benefit the Alzheimer’s Association in conjunction with the American Contract Bridge League. These games were conducted all over the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Our bridge club solicited sponsors and brought in over $14,000 again this year to help with research and to support the Maine Alzheimer’s Association with helping caregivers obtain special care for their loved ones.

We want to thank all the individuals who solicited sponsors, as well as the businesses who contributed to our success. We must also mention our gratitude to the businesses who gave us food for our lunch and supper and to the many supporters who donated gift certificates to be awarded as prizes for our games.

As in any other endeavor, it took so many people to make this annual game a lot of fun with a great result.— Pat, no town

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I’m interested in entering the Moxie Recipe Contest but am unsure of how much food to bring. Can you help?

ANSWER: I spoke with Lisa Ward, who is in charge of the contest. There will be three judges as well as an opportunity for members of the audience to buy $5 tickets to taste and vote on a “Crowd Favorite Award”. Lisa estimates that 25-30 tickets will be sold. You can email her for an entry form and more information at [email protected]. The July 4 Sun Spots has more details.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: In regard to the June 18 Sun Spots, many years ago when I realized I was not using my mother’s fur coat, I saw a Sun Spots column about a woman in Norway who made teddy bears from fur coats. When I contacted her, she was very pleasant and when I brought her the coat she evaluated it and told me she could, indeed, make a teddy bear from it.

She told me she spent her winters in Florida and would work on the teddy bear over the winter then I could pick it up in the spring.

In the end, this crafty seamstress was able to make two teddy bears from that car-length coat and they were as cute as can be. I kept one and gave the other to my daughter.

She used all the components of the coat. The print lining was used to make a bow around the bear’s neck that included a black coat button. The palms of the bears’ hands and the bottoms of their feet, as well as the inside of their ears, were made from the coat’s brown leather gussets. She had only purchased fabric for the noses and the glass eyes.

After giving these details of the creation of my cute bears, I’m hoping that not only will it give encouragement to others to do the same thing I did with my mother’s coat, but that it will help me to reconnect with the wonderful Norway seamstress who made my teddy bears years ago. If you know of her, please let me know

— Catherine, no town

ANSWER: If any readers know a seamstress in Norway who does this type of work, please write. It would be wonderful to reunite these two!

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