100 years ago: 1919

The commencement week program at Bates College closed Wednesday evening with a reception for the alumni, the graduating class and their guests, by the President and Mrs. Hartshorn in Fiske Reception room in Rand Hall. In the receiving line were the president and his wife, Prof. Angell, Dean Nowell, and Prof. and Mrs. George Millet Chase. The girls of the new senior class acted as ushers, furnished by a three-piece orchestra, with Arthur N. Pettingill at the piano. Mrs. A..N. Leonard and Mrs. S.F. Harms served punch.

50 years ago: 1969

Registration for Centennial Belles are still being taken at Centennial Headquarters at 51 Court St., Auburn. There is no age limitation and being a member of the Belles Organization makes the ladies a booster of the coming events. Men wearing beards as their badges of personal endorsement, the ladies wearing badges, bonnets and old-fashioned costumes each Friday and Saturday as their public endorsement of the Centennial Celebration, To date there are more than 700 ladies and nearly 900 Brothers of the Brush. The Belles and Brothers participate in motorcades, local Parades, Kangaroo Kourts and Caravans and Promenades. The Street Dance will be open to the General Public and everyone is welcome to attend.

25 years ago: 1994

Authorities are cracking down on illegal fireworks over the holiday weekend, in what some say is the biggest push ever in the state of Maine against the celebratory explosives. State Fire Marshall Dennis Lundstedt said that a comprehensive program, which includes all of the other New England states, will be putting on “a push to eliminate fireworks in New England.” All fireworks are illegal in Maine with the exception of sparklers, morning glories and blasting caps. New Hampshire, which sold fireworks in the past has discontinued the practice, banding together with its New England neighbors.

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