Strawberries are now available at Pike’s stand in the Subway parking lot in Farmington. The stand is closed Sundays. Pictured with some of this season’s plump sweet berries are employee Lexi Mittelstadt of Wilton and Darryl Pike. Livermore Falls Advertiser photo by Pam Harnden



FARMINGTON — Strawberries are finally available at Pike’s stand in the Subway parking lot.

Tuesday David Pike said his mid–season varieties are peaking now and berries should be available at the stand every day except Sundays. Those interested in picking their own fruit should look for the large yellow sign on the Whittier Road or call 778-2187 for updated information.

“They are looking good. The sweetness is there.

“What looked like a dismal year is turning out to be pretty good,” Pike said.

Because of the cold, wet weather the crop is at least two weeks later than normal. Pike, like others in the state, has seen very little insect pressure this year, probably because it has been too cold and wet.

Later son Darryl Pike said, “We picked a lot of strawberries today. It may have been the most we’ve picked in years. It was a late start but the season will likely be short, end about normally.”

When asked about the corn crop, David Pike said he has been in the business for 45 years. One year corn was harvested on July 1 and sold July 7. July 15 to 20 is when corn typically is available for sale.

“It will be the first of August at the earliest. Corn is two to three weeks behind. There are no tassels yet,” he said.

Darryl agreed with the August 1 corn availability, unless the predicted stretch of warm weather holds true.

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