More and more I witness discouragement, even disgust, in many Maine people as Sen. Susan Collins fails to represent their desires and welfare. She is being described as “spineless” in her apparent inability to vote or speak forcefully against the will of her party and Sen. Mitch McConnell.

In the past, Collins succeeded in convincing her constituents that she is independent — casting her vote in the best interest of the people. A search of her record belies that claim.

In the present immigration crisis, the despicable abuse of children as young as 14 months and a rising death toll (seven children have died since December), Collins and her colleagues are willing to walk the line that President Trump has drawn, and they shamelessly follow suit.  In order to hoodwink the people, Collins and other Republicans have voted for a “relief” package, but not before stripping out any real protection and immediate relief for those migrants in U.S. detention facilities, which are seen as modern-day concentration camps. They are unsanitary, filthy and the U.S. is unwillingly providing only the barest of necessities, often not even that. The situation is an immediate crisis — a time bomb — yet Collins and other GOP Senators seem unable to grasp that fact. Or are they so corrupted by Trump that they will ignore their own sense of guilt and moral imperative?

Today, Americans are demanding a show of integrity, courage and compassion from their leaders — qualities which Republicans appear to lack.

Patricia Fogg, Greene

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