100 years ago: 1919

The first item of Auburn’s business meeting was the granting of a license to George Baker, to run a billard and pool room at Mill Street in Auburn.

50 years ago:1969

Auburn police came to the rescue of 36 stranded camp girls early this morning, using a bit of “Yankee Ingenuity” to show the quality of Auburn hospitality. Sgt. Robert Tiner Sr. received a call at headquarters as to the effect that a bus loaded with girls from Camp Somerset, Oakland, had broken down on Minot Avenue, near Cleveland Avenue. A wrecker was sent out and the bus was towed to the police station, where the girls asked Sgt. Tiner to call for another bus. The girls were taken to the council room at the city building to wait. Sgt. Tiner found out during a conversation with the girls that the bus had broken down previously on the trip and the girls had spent all of their money. After this, they were taken to the council chambers. Sgt. Timer got on the phone and made home calls. He managed to round up six dozen doughnuts (donated by Jake and Andy’s Doughnut Shop) and 36 containers of milk (compliments of H.P. Hood and Son). The girls were in real fine spirits when their bus arrived about an hour later. The girls thanked the police for their generous hospitality and continued on their way.

25 years ago: 1994

News that the state was not rated as a priority a proposed addition to Edward Little High School has people talking, though not necessarily about the same things. Some folks are scared, others just agitated and confused, unsure what this means for the 190 students from Minot, Mechanic Falls and Poland, and the future of the Auburn school system. “It means panic,” ELHS Principal James Miller said Thursday. “What it means is either a lot of portable classrooms at the high school or the end of Union 29.” School Union 29 includes the towns of Minot, Mechanic Falls and Poland and those students who are tuitioned to ELHS.

The material used in Looking Back is reproduced exactly as it originally appeared, although misspellings and errors may be corrected.

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