LEWISTON — Central Maine Christian Academy of 390 Main St. recently held a ceremony to present awards for the fourth quarter and for the end of the year.

Honors: Hannah St. Hilaire, Phoebe Gouette, Kallie St. Hilaire, Marisa Wilkins, Molly Gouette, Anna Wilkins, Carter Anderson, Sophia Libby, Reese Timberlake, Olivia Morissette, Abigail Hilton, Grace Markavich and Michael Hilton.

Second honors: Seth Espling, Alex Hilton, Rachael Frey, Benjamin Morneault, Benjamin Ellingson, Olivia Sepulveda, Talia St. Hilaire, Gavin Winslow, Azlin Artea, Marek Johnson, Paxton Timberlake, Layla Stephenson, Judith Ross, Celia Mihalik, Anna Henry, Mallory Johnson, Meghan Markavich, Cora Morneault, Aliza Pullen, Tatiana St. Hilaire, Daniel Edwards, Jaden Legare and Grace Rosas.

High honors all year: Abigail Hilton, Olivia Morissette, Carter Anderson, Sophia Libby, Reese Timberlake, Molly Gouette, Anna Wilkins, Marisa Wilkins and Phoebe Gouette.

High honors/second honors all year: Benjamin Morneault, Rachael Frey, Alex Hilton, Kallie St. Hilaire, Seth Espling, Grace Markavich, Megan Markavich, Anna Henry, Cora Morneault and Talia St. Hilaire.

Second honors all year: Benjamin Ellingson, Azlin Artea, Paxton Timberlake, Gavin Winslow, Judith Ross and Mallory Johnson.

Perfect attendance: Ethan Rines, Jaden Legare, Carter Anderson, Gavin Winslow, Cora Morneault, Mallory Johnson, Michael Hilton, Azlin Artea, Layla Stephenson, Marek Johnson, Olivia Morissette, Abigail Hilton, Juliet Turgeon, Logan Averill, Ian Mcquire, Jimmy Marston, Amelia Turgeon, Gianna Colapietro, Nyah Schroeder, Griffin Averill, Jude Libby, Ana Artea, Caleb Bear, Isaiah Kosalski, and Eric Colapietro. All-year perfect attendance awards went to Caleb Bear, Amelia Turgeon, Juliet Turgeon, Olivia Morissette, Eric Colapietro, Gavin Winslow, Gianna Colapietro and Cora Morneault.

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