To the Editor:
On Tuesday July 2,2019 I went to the grocery store in Bethel to pick up a few things. I have a van with a lift in it for my son who is in a wheelchair. There were no available spots up front so I went to the back of the parking lot and found a spot with an access aisle beside it facing the back of the Post Office.
When I came out of the grocery store a car with Veteran Plates was parked in the access aisle so I couldn’t put the lift down to load my son and his wheelchair. Now believe me I have the upmost respect for Veterans, my father was a Purple Heart recipient from WWII! However, Veteran or not no one is allowed to park in an access aisle. I know this because my son and I are the people who went to Augusta to have this law passed.
I could have reported the license plate to the police and you could have been fined a couple hundred dollars. Instead I left my son sitting in the parking lot by himself while I backed out of the spot and drove down to where I could put the lift down and load him.When I got back to him to do so he was almost in tears because he was all by himself in a busy parking lot scared. I will NEVER do that to him again!
All I’m asking for is common courtesy, to treat all people with respect and obey the law.
                                                                                                                                                Terry Howard
 Albany Twp, Maine

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