It was love at first sight.

Not just the leggings, though those were extraordinarily soft.

Not just the fluffy slippers of awesomeness. Though you know what they were? Fluffing awesome.

Not just the purses, though they’re so cute and unique and so generally cool that we squeed. Literally. There were high-pitched sounds of squee.

No, we fell in love with the entire store. All of Meraki 1921 in Auburn. The whole thing, at once.

When we fall, we fall hard.

If you’re from Livermore Falls, Meraki 1921 might sound familiar. The gift shop lived there until it closed a few months ago and reopened in a little storefront at 120 Center Street Plaza, a couple of doors down from Gippers Sports Grill and Pipsqueaks Children’s Boutique.

Livermore Falls, you have our condolences.

Auburn, you have our congratulations. And also a very hearty woo!

Meraki 1921 — the name, according to its website, means “doing something with soul, creativity, or love,” plus the year Grandma was born — is filled with leggings, T-shirts, accessories, gifts and home goods. Clothing sizes range from 0 to extra plus, so there’s no problem finding a fit. All items range from a few dollars to $75-ish, so there’s no problem finding a fit for the budget, either.

We spent a lot of time touching things, exclaiming over things and generally delighting in everything. This isn’t the place to go for a plain purse and brown stockings. This is the place you go for an appliqued sloth on a turquoise cross-body bag and socks that curse like a sailor.

Trust us, everyone needs at least one pair of sweary socks.

Chala sloth bag for $56 at Meraki 1921 in Auburn. It’s pure happiness in a purse.

This week, Meraki 1921 held its first Ladies Night, complete with wine, giveaways and store discounts. But if you missed it, don’t despair! The shop seems to have pretty regular sales, judging from its Facebook page. And if you can’t make it into the shop at all, Meraki 1921 has a robust online store where you can shop for clothes and some accessories — including the sloth purse.

Unless we buy it first.

• Leggings, $10 to $12

Ridiculously soft leggings for kids or adults, in capris or full length, in prints or solids, in a full range of sizes up to 5X. Basically, whatever you want in leggings, that’s what Meraki 1921 has. But wait, you say! You have unique needs! You need leggings that show flying unicorns, autism awareness, sheep in hats, shuttlecocks, footballs or bicycles with watermelons for wheels? First, wow. Second, this is definitely the shop for you.

• Blue Q socks, $10

Colorful, irreverent socks with sayings that we can’t print here. Well, we can print one: “I’m not bossy, I’m the boss.” Now imagine similar sentiments but with some major curse words thrown in. One major curse word. The most major curse word. Don’t wear these to work. Do wear them when you don’t give a . . . care.

• Snoozies! slippers, $14.99

What’s softer than baby bunnies? These! These slippers are softer than baby bunnies. (Shopping Siren has actual experience with this. Long story.) The slippers come in a variety of colors and have an array of cartoons or funny sayings embroidered on the toe. Or choose a pair of animal slippers, including a very cute fox that, for some reason, seems to have a puffy bunny tail. Maybe it’s a subtle comment on the softness of these slippers? Or maybe someone doesn’t know what a fox looks like? Either way, adorbs.

• Birdhouse camper, $20

It looks like a little camper trailer, but it’s a birdhouse! Your feathered friends will love it. Just don’t add a little truck and trailer hitch or they may take it south with them this winter.

• Pink elephant bookends, $25

OK, so first you say with all due gravity, “We need to address the elephant in the room.” Wait a beat. Then point to the elephant bookends. You will laugh. Your guests will laugh and possibly roll their eyes. It’s a dad joke waiting to happen. But also very pretty bookends.

• White country pail with a black pig decal, $12

A super cute place to store rolled up dish towels. Or a caddy for spatulas and spoons. Or what we all know it will actually become — a toy for your toddler.

Pair with:

• Ceramic pig butter dish, $20

It takes up two to three times the space as a traditional butter dish, but really, it looks like an adorable, happy white pig! If you have to sacrifice that small batch relish that you won’t eat anyway to make the room in the fridge, worth it.

• Pepsi socks, two-pack, $5

Have you seen ankle-length Pepsi logo socks since the 1980s? We haven’t. Well, we have now. Totally give the second pair to your BFF 4ever.

•  “Groceries &  s***” reusable canvas tote, $18

Will every store clerk you hand this to do a double take, maybe a jaw drop, likely a snicker? Heck, yes.

• Mugs, $10-$17.95

Do you work in an office that would welcome a VW bus-shaped mug more than one that says “Go Topless” (with a picture of a Jeep, of course)? Us too, probably. Some of these mugs are as delightfully sweary as the socks.

Best find: Chala and Danielle Nicole purses, $32 to $75

Chala bags are adorned with appliqued animals. (Shopping Siren loved the giraffe family. Bag Lady favored the pleased-looking sloth.) Danielle Nicole bags come in unique shapes and feature glittery Disney or Warner Bros. characters. The word “fabulous” was invented for these purses. Get a Sleeping Beauty clutch for evening, a happy pug tote for day and a “Beauty and the Beast” backpack for when you’re feeling adventurous.

Think twice: About skipping Meraki 1921.

You won’t *&#[email protected]# regret it.

Bag Lady and Shopping Siren’s true identities are protected by a pair of stylish, sweater-wearing Doberman pinschers (who want to see Dobie-print leggings, please and thank you) and the Customer Service counter at the Sun Journal. You can reach them at [email protected] and [email protected].

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