One minute there’s snow on the ground, and the next minute you’re leisurely filling up your humming bird feeders. Perhaps you’re picking out perennials or taking out your summer clothes…and then BAM! It’s full on summer and there is just not enough time to do all you want to do. Is it just me? I’ve been racing from one place to the other and I’m still missing out. So in case you’ve missed it, without even haven reached the half way mark for July, I’ve at least taken some photos of some of the events to share with you.

Seen here are some shots from the most adorable “Doll Carriage” parade. A tradition that is now hosted by the Patnode family, this parade has been going on for decades. How adorable! In an age where most tire of the kid/technology combo, you can’t help but recognize that these kids had a blast. No batteries or wifi needed! Just some time effort and creativity from supportive family and friends and you get some happy kids exercising and creating experiences they will treasure for decades to come.

The July 3rd celebration at the Rangeley Town Park was also a real delight. The musical entertainment by local band “Say What” and Rangeley student “Daxxtyn Williams” was the perfect way to settle in to picnics in the park with plenty of room to enjoy the fabulous fireworks display!

The next weekend I had just enough time to drop into the first ever Herbert Welch festival at the Outdoor Heritage Museum. The demonstrations, displays and outdoor enthusiasm is not to be beaten! For the first time I was able to get a chance to go on the tour of the Herbert Welch home and art studio. It really was one of the better historic visits I have ever made. What can I say, it was “made in Maine.”

Lastly, my daughter and I got to go to the first of many wonderful free nature programs offered by the Wilhelm Reich Museum. These are really such a great way of furthering your knowledge or finding new appreciation for so many passions. You really should try one.

So there it is. I wish I had had time for more but hopefully the photos will give you a taste, in case you missed it…

Carver John Hooper outside the Outdoor Heritage Museum in Oquossoc during the 1st ever Herbert Welch Festival. Stephanie Chu-O’Neil

Carriage category- First place winners in the Doll Carriage Parade: Old Fashioned Girls

Saddleback fans- one of whom took off the dinosaur costume post parade but kept the sign “Dinosaurs may be extinct but Saddleback doesn’t have to be.” Stephanie Chu-O’Neil


Stephanie Chu-O’Neil


Stephanie Chu-O’Neil

Stephanie Chu-O’Neil


Stephanie Chu-O’Neil

Daxxtyn Williams entertains the crowd at the Rangeley Town Park on July 3rd. Stephanie Chu-O’Neil

Fly tier Peter Simonson uses his precision and artistic skills to demonstrate at the Outdoor Heritage Museums first Herbert Welch Festival. Stephanie Chu-O’Neil

Local author Graydon Hilyard leads a tour of the Herbert Welch work studio and home during the Outdoor Heritage Museum Herbert Welch festival. Stephanie Chu-O’Neil

Inside the previous home of Herbert Welch, Hilyard gives a tour during the OHM Herbert Welch festival. Seen on the wall is Welch with President Eisenhower during his historic visit to Rangeley. Stephanie Chu-O’Neil

The crowds enjoyed perfect weather and a great show during the July 3 fireworks in the Rangeley Town Park. Stephanie Chu-O’Neil

Father Graydon Hilyard and son Leslie at the Outdoor Heritage Museum during the Herbert Welch festival demonstrating fly tying and signing their latest book “Herbert Welch: Black Ghosts and Art in a Maine Guide’s Wilderness.” Stephanie Chu-O’Neil

The band “Say What” entertains the crowd on July 3rd at the Rangeley Town Park with some crowd pleasing good old rock n’ roll. Stephanie Chu-O’Neil

On the first of the Wilhelm Reich Museum’s free Sunday nature workshops, Erin DeCoste and her daughter Ayla shared their knowledge of essential oils. Stephanie Chu-O’Neil


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