DEAR SUN SPOTS: The Peru Fire Association will hold a sale at the former Peru Elementary School at 30 Main St. in Peru on Friday, July 26, and Saturday, July 27, from 8 a.m. until 3 p.m. to dispose of the contents remaining from when the building was a school, and other miscellaneous items that may have been left behind. The wide array will surprise you!

Members of the Association will be available and ready to make a deal to sell the items at their discretion. Most items will not be priced, thus your generosity and donations benefit the Peru Fire Association.

Items include, but are not limited to, a variety of teacher and student desks, chairs, and tables; projectors, screens, television wall mounts, boom boxes; large white boards, window shades, doors, stainless steel hand rails, and book cases; dishes, silverware, utensils, baking sheets, steam table, warming ovens, stainless commercial sink, a faucet, microwave, stoves, and refrigerators; a piano, standing metal cabinets, file cabinets, school nurse examination couch, and lockers; miscellaneous hardware, plumbing, janitorial items, suspended ceiling hangers and tiles, fire extinguishers, and a furnace;  clocks, books, older bingo setup, décor, vases, older computers, cables, and shelving; and other treasures that are yet to be uncovered!

Everything must go as the building is being torn down in the near future. This is your last chance to go through the facility and buy a piece of school history. Come with your wallet, dolly, tools, muscles, and your truck !— Kathy, no town

DEAR SUN SPOTS: For the person looking for someone to repair their grandmother clock (July 19 Sun Spots), I had my grandfather clock repaired recently by Kevin Gray off Routes 2 & 4 in Wilton and was very pleased with the results. He works on wind-up clocks from cuckoos to grandfather clocks and also buys and sells clocks. His number is 645-2432. — No name, Farmington

ANSWER: Don’t you love it when we get these recommendations? I really like plumping up that Rolodex!

DEAR SUN SPOTS: The Lewiston Senior Center has members who are learning to play mahjong. We’re still looking for any mahjong sets that you are no longer using because interest is growing. We’re also looking for 2018 or 2017 mahjong cards that you may not need any more since the 2019 cards are being used by seasoned veterans.

Please mail any cards to Pat Pelliccia, 10 Josslyn St., Auburn 04210. We thank you in advance and if you’d like to learn how to play or already know how to play, feel free to join us on Mondays from 1 to 3 p.m. at the Lewiston Senior Center. — Pat, no town

ANSWER: This sounds like a fun time! Join in by sending cards or being part of the group!

DEAR SUN SPOTS: As usual, you came through. My armoire was picked up very quickly by a nice family. As much as I loved it, it was time to move on, literally.

Thanks again. — Louise, no town

ANSWER: I’m so glad, Louise. That armoire, described in the July 19 Sun Spots, was a beautiful piece of furniture. Good luck and blessings for your new home!

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