Dragonflies dance in New Gloucester

A pair of dragonflies dance around the pond at Pineland Farms in New Gloucester Monday afternoon. Russ Dillingham/Sun Journal

This was the headline on a very nice photo from Russ Dillingham in Tuesday’s Sun Journal. Dancing dragonflies are fun and all, but don’t expect it to last. There’s a group of crusty old people in New Gloucester who despise this kind of dancing and they won’t hesitate to institute a town-wide ban. It’s a real bummer, too, because a dragonfly has got to cut loose. Foot loose. Know what I mean, Louise? They’ve got to kick off their Sunday shoes.


If you don’t get that reference, that whole paragraph is going to sound quite insane. I’m fine with it either way.

Tick removed from Kentucky man’s eye

Who among us hasn’t had a tenacious, bloodsucking spider plucked from his eyeball at one time or another? It’s all part of the glory of nature. I imagine that before this guy went out into the woods, someone advised him: “Make sure to keep an eye out for ticks.” Dude was just doing as he was told.

Water mains break. Like, every day.

This is happening in both Lewiston and Auburn. City leaders are quick to say it’s just normal wear and tear on the pipes down below, but some of us know the truth. This is the work of CHUDS and if we don’t acknowledge it soon, people are going to be dragged down into the sewers and eaten. Probably.

Minot tax rate unchanged from last year

Nothing funny or interesting about this, but by God, I’ve got to get my word count up so I can finish this stupid column and go on vacation. Not to mention Jack. Get back. Come on before we crack.

What makes you happy?

And while I”m off on vacation, why don’t you write or call me at [email protected] or 689-2876 and answer this question for me. Answer long, answer short, I don’t care. Just tell me what makes you happy and I’ll include that in a very scientific report I will be writing for the Sunday B Section soon. Bonus points if your answer includes dirty dancing or ticks in hard to reach places.

Just kidding

There will be no bonus points. How many words am I up to now, anyway?

Fiends steal from Durham church

How come people who do these kinds of things aren’t afraid of ghosts? You just broke into church more than 200 years old and swiped personal items and religious artifacts. I’m pretty sure at the very least you’re going to end up with a house full of poltergeists. Good luck if one of those suckers gets lodged in your eyeball.

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