Reader’s Rationale for Support of Donald Trump

In a Letter to the Editor (June 28), a reader lists several reasons for supporting the re-election of President Trump, which perhaps warrant some comment: (i) Trump appointed a “conservative” to the Supreme Court. Whatever political philosophy one wants to attach to Cavanaugh’s political leanings, he certainly was the first appointee to the Court who refused to take a Lie Detector test. This set a unique precedent for an appointment to the highest Court of Justice in the land. (ii) Based on air and water temperature in Mooselookmeguntic in the first part of June, the reader supports Trump’s denial of the reality of global warming. This was not long after the ‘ice out’ date of May 10. The Mooselook temperature has continued to rise. Two-thirds into July, it is 75°F. We’ve never seen this in 30 years on the Lake. The swimming is great, but if you’re not in the water or well air conditioned facilities such as the White House or Trump Towers, it’s hot. Ask the lobsters. They don’t like the warmer ocean and are moving to Canada, resulting in a mighty high price for a lobster roll!

Regarding other Trump ‘achievements cited by the reader: (iii) a large increase in the Dow Industrial average in the 2 1/2 years of the Trump administration. However, the Dow has hardly changed in the last ¾ year, since October of 2018. The initial increase may have resulted significantly from major corporations using the large tax cut given by Pres. Trump, meant ostensibly to stimulate investment in infrastructure, instead to purchase their stock, which resulted in an increase of company paper value. (iv) Where did the reader get the idea that ‘Mexico will build the wall after all”?

Some questions for the reader: aren’t you troubled by the loss of our traditional national allies, by the refusal of the President to report his tax returns (what can be the explanation?), and the fact that his daughter and son-in-law residing in the White House (at our expense), have generated a personal income of more than $100 million over the last year?

William A. Cramer


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