Okay, so I love the summer nature workshops at the Wilhelm Reich Museum. If ever I have time I go and if I’m even remotely interested in the topic, I go. I have some trouble remembering what I’ve learned in previous ones because I don’t have time to necessarily practice what I’ve learned but one day I will.

This past Sunday, July 21st I thought it would be a nice way to spend the afternoon. My fella on the other hand….well he has an open mind, loves to learn new things, but on a beautiful summer day?, I’m not sure going to a “classroom” was what he might have had in mind.

Well, too bad. We had gotten into a little argument the night before, and of course he was wrong, so of course when I asked him to come with me he had to say yes.

The talk was to be on foraging and I was excited to go. “Foraging?” he asked. “Didn’t we already look for mushrooms that other time?”

Yes, but this will be different I assured him.

Well, it really was different because I seemed to have gotten my dates wrong. Of course I should have double checked but I didn’t. In any case when we went to sit down, it was clear that I was way off. My fella was quite pleased. Instead of foraging, it turned out to be moose calling with registered Maine Guide, Matt Tinker.

I texted my daughter, “OMG, I got my dates wrong…it’s about moose…”

“LOL!” was her appropriate response. Well, I couldn’t leave. That would have been rude….So I figured it was karma for forcing my fellow to come with me.

Speaker and Maine Guide Matt Tinker discussing moose calling. See that black shape in the back? Stephanie Chu-O’Neil

However, it turned out to be a really GREAT talk! I loved it. I really did. It was truly fascinating and Tinker is super funny. I even learned stuff that I didn’t even know I wanted to know but did. Does that make sense? It’s just cool to know these kinds of things. For example, please see photo where Tinker took a cheap black throw and threw it over some branches. With the bad eyesight of moose and combined with the many different ways to call the moose in, the black throw really does look like a moose. It almost made me want to take a paddle, and some old coffee cans, and a bucket of water, and go hunting for a good photo. Of course Tinker explained that this wouldn’t be the absolute best time to do that. I can’t possibly share all I learned in this little piece but if you see me around town, ask me about the number 35!

So, I’m just writing this piece to say THANK YOU to the Wilhelm Reich Museum for offering these great summer nature workshops, for opening my mind, and for the offering of a shaded sheltered classroom with a nice group of people on a beautiful summer day.

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