DEAR SUN SPOTS: I’m a big fan of Tom Hanks and see that he’ll be playing Mr. Rogers in a movie this fall. I’m really looking forward to it and I’m trying to remember all the movies he’s been in where he has played real people. I know there’s been quite a few. Can you please list them all? I’d like to have a Tom Hanks Weekend and watch them.

— Missy, no town

ANSWER: You may need more than a weekend, Missy! The popular actor (and one of my favorites, too) has portrayed real people in several movies. I’m really looking forward to seeing “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood” when it comes out around Thanksgiving.

Tom has played Capt. Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger in “Sully, The Washington Post executive editor Ben Bradlee in “The Post,” astronaut Commander Jim Lovell in “Apollo 13,” Texas Congressman Charlie Wilson in “Charlie Wilson’s War,” Capt. Richard Phillips in “Captain Phillips,” Walt Disney in “Saving Mr. Banks” and insurance lawyer James P. Donovan in “Bridge of Spies.”

Hanks has also played two characters inspired by real people in “Philadelphia” (lawyer Andrew Beckett) and FBI agent Carl Hanratty in “Catch Me if You Can.” Enjoy your movie weekend! It sounds awesome!

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Can anyone recommend a safe cleaner for a stainless steel refrigerator? The manufacturer’s recommendation is mild soap & water, wipe with a soft cloth and not use window cleaners. There has to be something safe out there with all the stainless steel appliances everywhere.

— No name, Lewiston

ANSWER: So I’ve read the trick is to “go with the grain” when cleaning your appliance. If you look closely, you’ll see that your refrigerator has a “grain” just like wood does. When you clean it, try not to go “against the grain” because that just imbeds dirt and grease.

One way to clean your appliance is to wipe it down with a dab of dish soap on a damp cotton cloth. After your appliance is dry, use another clean cloth with a dab of baby oil on it to polish the surface.

Another way is to spray vinegar on your appliance, dry it with a microfiber cloth then polish it with a bit of olive oil. This is what I use and it seems to work well.

A friend uses club soda on her refrigerator door. She pours some onto a microfiber cloth and wipes the surface clean.

Sometimes just water, a soft cloth and elbow grease are all you need. I have also used Windex on a soft cloth and rubbed it in a circular motion. I had to apply it more than once, but it worked.

I’ve read that WD-40 works well, but be careful when you’re using that around food. Spray the solution into a cloth rather than squirting it directly on your appliance.

Other remedies include the several polishes out there that are made specifically for the job. I don’t know how “safe” they are, but they come recommended when a stainless steel appliance is purchased. They can be purchased at big-box stores and hardware stores. These products include Weiman brand and Zep brand cleaners. Experiment and see what works best for you and shine on!

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