To say that all Democrats are socialists is as wrong as saying all Republicans are racists. To say all racists, anti-semites and bigots support President Donald Trump and Republicans is more correct.

Trump has shown his racists tendencies from his comments about Mexicans while announcing his candidacy; comments about the white supremacists in Charlottesville; saying a judge of Mexican heritage can’t be impartial; questioning if Barack Obama was born in the U.S.; and his racist tweets about four duly-elected congressional women of color. Trump uses race baiting to excite his base.

Except for a handful of Republicans who were willing to admit that Trump’s tweets are racist, the party is willing to condone racism in order to achieve a political agenda — even if it means condoning hate and dividing the country. They have put loyalty to a man and party ahead of loyalty to the Constitution and country.

When Trump supporters used the racist chant of “send her back” at a rally, he did nothing to stop it, nor comment that it was wrong to chant such a phrase. He and his supporters are not willing to just say that they do not agree with the four representatives’ opinions. They have to attack them personally and demonize them.

Make no mistake, the only commonality between the party of Abraham Lincoln and the current Republican Party is in name only. Lincoln is probably turning over in his grave as to what his party has become.

Stanley Tetenman, Poland

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