DEAR SUN SPOTS: I volunteer at Central Maine Medical Center and love helping others. While volunteering at the hospital, which I thoroughly enjoy, I have seen a great need for afghans which are given to patients. Because of this need, I have begun to crochet prayer afghans along with continuing what I already do at CMMC as a volunteer.

I am in need of yarn for the prayer afghans, which I donate to CMMC. I have heard of how they are appreciated by the patients who receive them and many more are needed. As I crochet the afghans, I pray for healing, comfort, peace and blessings, along with whatever God puts upon my heart. I also attach a scripture from the Bible when I give these away.

I pray that I may continue this ministry for years to come as there is a huge need.  I can make one prayer afghan in a week, but as many of you know, yarn is very expensive, especially for as many afghans as I try to make. My yarn supply is depleting quickly so if you or someone you know would like to donate, it would be greatly appreciated. Please contact me at 402-1025 and leave a message or email [email protected]. Thank you!

—Rita, Lewiston

ANSWER: I have actually witnessed for myself the blessings that people receive when they are given these afghans and prayer shawls. My own dear mother, who is 86, has knit about 150 of these “heart-warmers” and given every single one away. She most often uses Lion Brand Homespun yarn that can be purchased at Joann Fabrics and Michael’s. I’ve also noticed she gets so much pleasure from making these afghans and shawls. She has said she prays for the person she’s knitting the piece for the entire time it’s in progress. Bless you in your work, Rita!

DEAR SUN SPOTS: We have a Rascal 600F mobility scooter that needs service, but can not find anyone who services mobility scooters. Do you know of anyone who does this?

— Dee, no town

ANSWER: I made several calls regarding this question and was told that these Rascal scooters and their parts are no longer made so service is no longer offered. I’m putting this request out into Sun Spots Land to give some kind person an opportunity to offer a replacement scooter or parts from one they are no longer using. Sometimes these scooters and other medical supplies are donated to organizations when a loved one no longer needs them. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that one of our wonderful readers can help you out. Keep us posted!

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Please repost your list of old clock repair people. I saved it so well I can’t find it! Thank you and keep up the good work.

— Therese, no town

ANSWER: The clock repairmen listed in the July 19 Sun Spots are: Rohman Clockworks at 350 Minot Ave. in Auburn (784-1211) and Harry Hepburn in Harrison (583-2821). Both Rohman Clockworks and Harry make house calls. Harry also has drop-off and pickup spots for smaller clocks in Gray, Wiscasset and Windham if you can’t get to his shop in Harrison. I also have Ken Rice of Tic-n-Time on Route 302 in North Windham (892-1263). As always, readers, if you have recommendations, please send them!

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