To the Editor:
As a self proclaimed very stable genius, that claims to know more about everything than does the rest of humanity combined, Donald Trump’s assertion that climate change is a hoax is positive verification of someone who is terminally afflicted with a retarded concept of reality.
The scientific community has subtlety strived to enlighten humanity that humanly induced climate change has potentially lethal consequences to the existence of future generations.
The diminishing polar ice caps, the rising and warming sea water, the increasing frequency of violent weather events, wild fires and most recently the fact that some of the earth’s ambient high temperatures are becoming intolerable for prolonged human exposure, should be sufficient verification that global warming and climate change is indeed an issue that should warrant urgent consideration and prompt attention.
For Donald Trump to request that his version of the EPA, (The Environmental Pollution Agency) eases restrictions on industrial emissions is a prime example of his lack of realistic comprehension and his abundance of officiating negligence.
Don Chase

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