Dear John and Board Members:

I applaud the work done on the Master Plan, but there are a few small items that I think would benefit the Town without much expense.   I shall list them for your consideration and hope that you will see fit to take some action on them.

In no particular order of importance:

We seem to have a goodly amount of shale available on Chick Hill.   We have a Town Grader and some dump trucks and personnel.   I think at very little expense, we might be able to grade the crown off of the dirt trails in the cemetery and avail ourselves of the shale on Chick Hill to make decent roads in the cemetery to go with the cleaned up headstones.  (Fantastic job at the Airport!)

I had attended a meeting on the improvements to the Park in Rangeley and heard
the Veterans say they did not want the Town to fancy up their monument.   I asked if possibly the Town might somehow obtain the Furbish garden plot and put the Veteran’s Memorial on that sight.   Everyone was in favor of such a move, but few thought it was possible.    Well, perhaps the Smith/Haley family would consider some sort of donation and tax relief now that they own the parcel.   I would hope the deed might be conditioned so that the Town would maintain the garden and Veteran’s Memorial on that sight with appropriate signage.

Extending the launch ramp at Haines using the cement pads left over from the Park work in Rangeley would be grand for those who linger in the fall when the lake is very low!

Finally, since I see no chance the school will initiate the purchase of the Mendolia property for playing fields.   I’d like to suggest we find the money to buy it!  I am certain the former guidance counselor and owner would work with the Town to make that happen!

Thanks for your consideration!


Rose Collins

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