To the Highlander:

For the first 25 years of my 50 years as a seasonal Rangeley resident I was a renter. As a renter I would not have wanted me as a neighbor — 3 screeching children, a yapping dog, motorboats etc. For the last 25 years, as a property owner I have been the best possible neighbor – none of the above. Serenity radiates from my property. I would love to have me as a neighbor. Both Robert Daviau (June 14) and Scott Morton (July 12) thus have valid points about short-term renters. There is, however, a solution, overlooked by both, that would satisfy and protect the interests of all, to wit: If any owner wants to rent his property to short term renters (30 days or less) more than twice per year that deeded owner must obtain written permission from each deeded owner of an abutting occupied residence.

This protects the interests of both those who rent and those whom the renter may harm: the abutters. It also reflects common sense and decency. I just drop the idea and pass on.

Stuart Adler M.D.


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