Town of Hartford
Selectboard Meeting
August 15, 2019
Town Office

7:00 PM Selectboard Meeting

I. Call Meeting to order
II. Review meeting minutes from:
1. Selectboard Meeting on August 1, 2019
III. Review Warrants: 6, 7
IV. Reports:
1. RSU 10 Report:
2. Road Report:
3. CEO Report:
4. ACO Report:
5. Planning Board Report:
6. Ordinance Committee Report:
7. Fire Warden Report:
8. Treasurer Report:
V. Calendar Reminders:
1. Town Office Brainstorming session – date to be determined, for September
2. Irish Memorial Dedication – August 25, 1:pm-4:pm
VI. Unfinished Business:
1. Disposition of Swan Pond lots (Former Transfer Station)
2. Pratt Hill Culvert replacement/Grant – Doug/Bim – assign project manager for this task
3. August 6th meeting in Buckfield, Shared services
4. No Spray Ordinance – Schedule a daytime meeting with MDOT Manager, Bob Moosmann
VII. Open Session:
VIII. New Business:
1. County Budget Committee Caucus
2. Isaac Requests
3. Appointments/Resignations
4. Training
5. Executive Session, Pursuant to MRSA 1, section (405-6A)
IX. Review Correspondence:
X. Adjourn

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