Norway Select Board

Meeting Agenda

August 15, 2019

7 p.m. at the Municipal Office

1) Call to Order

2) Flag Salute

3) Moment of Silence

4) Public Hearing: NA

5) Minutes – Minutes from August 1, 2019

6) Citizen Items:

7) Select Board Items:

8) Acceptance of Grants, Donations, Reimbursement and or Sale of Materials:

· $42.58 from Norway American Legion donated for care of the Memorial Garden corner of Main and Paris Street.

· $240.00 from the Department of Corrections request by Chief Federico deposited in the drug prevention account.

· $150.00 from MMA Wellness grant requested to be used for the Town’s Wellness Program.

· $446.95 from MMA Safety grant to be used for 4 radio headsets to be matched by the Highway department.

· $4,905.00 from MMA Workers Comp Fund dividend to Revenues.

9) Tax Commitment:

· Assessor Natalie Andrews

10) Annual Safety Policy Mission Statement – Deb Partridge

· Will need a motion.

11) Town Manager Report: Verbal

12) Sewer Abatement:

13) Permission to attend: NA

14) Old Business:

15) Signatures:

16) Warrants:

· Motion to approve the warrant.

17) Upcoming Meetings:

18) Adjourn

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