I just don’t get it. Last year’s Census Bureau numbers show that there are 249 million people in the United States 18 years of age or older, with 221 million people eligible to vote. The National Rifle Association has just 5 million members, yet Congress still can’t get the assault-style firearms off the streets.

So, why are voters letting the NRA decide how the gun laws are written? Is it because our politicians look the other way when it comes to big money and special interest groups and completely forget about their constituents?

Until Washington is free from those parasites, the public will always be at their mercy.

A politician I am not, but one common-sense solution would be to stop Walmart from selling guns and ammo, period. Also, put an end to corrupt video games and movies.

Let the licensed gun dealers do what they do best — sell guns — while Walmart deals with household goods.

Joe Voisine, North Monmouth

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