DEAR SUN SPOTS: I found an over-the-ear hearing aid Friday, Aug. 16, in the ladies’ dressing room at Kohl’s in Auburn and want to get word to the owner. Knowing that they cost a lot, I turned it over to a store employee who said she would take it to customer service. If anyone is missing their hearing aid, check with customer service to identify it.

— Sheila, Turner

DEAR SUN SPOTS: The directors of the Wilhelm Reich Infant Trust, which owns and operates the Wilhelm Reich Museum in Rangeley, want to thank everyone who contributed to the Variety Show at Lakeside Theater Rangeley on Monday, Aug. 19, to benefit the museum.

We wish to thank the Rangeley Friends of the Arts for donating the theater and all services; all the ladies of the Moose Creek Cloggers, who are from all over Franklin County; singer Charlie Bruce from Stratton; singer Victoria Burbank and her son, John Burbank, both from Lexington; Rangeley’s own bass player Mike Schrader; and singers Anne Mather from Rangeley and Katie Tressler from Rangeley and Connecticut. You all were wonderful and everyone who came to the show enjoyed it so much. We also want to thank everyone who attended the show. We appreciate your support.

Monies raised will be used to make needed improvements to the two rental units that support the Wilhelm Reich Museum. With all best wishes and our sincerest thank you.

— Directors of the Wilhelm Reich Infant Trust, Rangeley

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Yet another store for Marie, who was looking for the name of a men’s clothing store on the upper block of Lisbon Street, is Edward’s Clothing Store where Mother India is now. I remember being so excited to find a pair of black and white striped jeans to wear to the PAL Hop on Friday nights there.

As for typewriters, Orphan Annie’s has approximately 10 to 15 for sale in the warehouse at 110 Turner St. in Auburn (782-0638). We’re open Mondays from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Currently, all items are 50% off at least until Sept. 1 and maybe longer.

— Dan, Auburn

ANSWER: Thank you for the great response! I had no idea there once were so many men’s clothing stores in Lewiston. Marie’s question in the Aug. 13 Sun Spots certainly brought up memories for our readers!

Dan, I so appreciate you being so helpful whenever I call with a question or need advice on where to turn to when readers ask about vintage and antique items. I’m glad you’re one of the wonderful folks in Sun Spots Land!

I hope Calvin, who wrote to Sun Spots on Aug. 12 requesting where to find a working Underwood typewriter, reads today’s column.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Bolster Heights Residential Care Facility is asking for donations of Christmas gifts. We know it’s early, but we like to be prepared. Donated items we’re looking for include Word Search books, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, lotions, hats, mittens and scarves for both men and women, puzzles, pens, pencils, notebooks, calendars and anything you think would make someone happy.

— Austie, Auburn

ANSWER: When you’re shopping, take a moment and a few dollars to choose a little gift for these sweet people. The facility is at 24 Bolster St. in Auburn (784-1364).

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