“Hooray for Hollywood!” was the theme of this year’s Oquossoc Day on August 17th. How does a town celebrate itself? Well if it’s Oquossoc, it’s always a little different. This year’s fancy theme was Hollywood and whether the pups were dressed up for the doggie parade or the water skier dressed as Marilyn Monroe the people in between that were simply dressed for summer were surely entertained as much they would be in a Hollywood production. Each year this town party seems to grow with events and attendance. Hooray for Oquossoc!

Emcee Ron Haines and Hooray for “Hollywood Director” Linda Sikes

No one was looking at their phone with the vast amount of varied talent driven displays.

Amazing show at Oquossoc Cove! Stephanie Chu-O’Neil

Anna Lena Dunn and Beth Brunswick raising the raffle paddle for next year’s Oquossoc Day! Stephanie Chu-O’Neil

JUDGES CHOICE in the annual Doggy Parade is Carlos as UPS pup and pup Frieda as the Pope. Stephanie Chu_-O’Neil


Matching for the occasion Katie and fancy Hollywood enjoying Oquossoc Day. Stephanie Chu-O’Neil

Hollywood sign was a fun way to dress up downtown Oquossoc. Stephanie Chu-O’Neil

In keeping with the Hollywood theme, and along with the red carpet and decorations, the lovely ladies of Portage Tap House were glamorously dressed for the festive occasion. Stephanie Chu-O’Neil

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