Thank you to the community,  we now have a building that is focused on Learning in the 21st century and students’ education, health, safety and social emotional needs.   Children today live in a world that is far different than the world i just a few years ago.  The school needs to reflect this.  As a school system and community  we are daily responding and changing to best educate our students,  supporting quality educational opportunities for Rangeley  learners, building their aspirations, knowledge base and skills, and shaping their future in the 21st century.

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If you are looking for ways to directly support learning in our school the Building Committee has provided an opportunity for community members to continue supporting education by tax-free donations to the Rangeley School Education Legacy Fund. Donors can direct funds to a particular field such as  *STEM -Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, *the Arts, *Reading and Literature, * Social Studies and Civics, *Programs supporting students’ Social, Emotional and Mental Health,  * Building and Grounds, * or a general fund for teacher developed learning opportunities.

The Board of Directors of the Rangeley School Education Legacy Fund consists of 3 to 5 members including an administrator, a community member and the business manager.  They have the authority to accept funds and to approve spending.  .

The community already has organizations that support  the following:

1.  Scholarships for Rangeley Students-

2. Athletics- the Boosters

3. Student Activities – Parent Teachers Association.

If you have a special  academic or other Rangeley Lakes Regional School interest or would like to make a donation for a family member to a field of study or teaching , the Rangeley School Education Legacy Fund was developed for that.

Watch for more information.  Any financial gift is tax deductible as provided by IRC 501 (c )(3).  If you have questions or would like a copy of the bylaws  or information on the Board of Directors, you can contact Ginny Nuttall 207-557-4139.                                                .

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