Watching the news has taken a back seat for me. Another shooting somewhere in the United States with an AK-47 or some type of assault weapon with large-capacity-type clips.

The only time the NRA gets involved is when changing the Second Amendment is mentioned.

Being a gun owner myself, I don’t need an assault-style weapon, like I am going to make a beach front landing on Rangeley Lake or Popham Beach.

People panic when they are facing a new law on gun control. I have seen it in my own family.

How about making a new law that when a person purchases an assault-style weapon, he or she must show proof of belonging to a hunting club or gun club that is located in town or state? If I have to purchase a license to fish, hunt or trap, or show proof of insurance when I register my vehicle, then how simple would it be to make such a requirement into law?

I know there are going to be some whiners out there, but if anyone has a better idea, they should share it, not just sit on their thumbs like the NRA and do nothing except ask for more money.

John Stevens, North Monmouth

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