DEAR SUN SPOTS: Do you know of any Keto-friendly places to eat in the Twin cities?

— No name, no town

ANSWER: As far as I know, there aren’t any specific restaurants in Lewiston-Auburn that strictly cater to those who are on the Keto (Ketogenic low- carbohydrate, high fat) diet. However, if anyone in Sun Spots Land knows of a place I’m overlooking, please let us know.

I would think it would be very easy to walk into just about any restaurant and make good choices that suit your needs. As with any specialized diet, it’s also helpful to study the menu online if you have access to a computer and make some decisions ahead of time. This is what my son does and it works well for him.

Most restaurants will accommodate you with substitutions for sides. With the Keto diet, stick with meat, poultry, seafood, fish, eggs, cheese, and approved veggies such as cauliflower, zucchini and salad. Items such as berries, nuts and seeds, and cream and butter are all OK, too. When ordering, stay away from fried food, starchy stuff, booze and desserts. Enjoy a meal out once in a while — you deserve it!

DEAR SUN SPOTS: If anyone is interested in dressing dolls with fur, I have pieces of real fur to give away. You can contact me at 224-7472.

— Dorothy, Turner

ANSWER: This is making me smile because many moons ago, my youngest daughter was into playing with Barbie dolls. I found an old mink stole at a thrift shop and we had quite a good time repurposing it into glamorous jackets, stoles and vests for her crew of Barbies. We even carpeted a bedroom in the Dream House with the stuff. It was terrific! I hope you get some calls, Dorothy. Thank you for sharing.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Regarding the Aug. 29 Sun Spots, I have the same problem with my iPad being blurry when I read (the Sun Journal website). It has been this way for three years now and my wife’s iPad does the same thing. I find if I expand the text, it clears up, but I have to do this as many as three or four times. This works for the whole page, but when I change pages I have to do it again. I have lived with it thinking the website is just not iPad friendly. This doesn’t happen to any other websites I visit.

If anyone finds a fix, please share it here as I read Sun Spots every day!

— Ron, Turner

ANSWER: This is interesting…as I’m not having an issue at all reading the web site on my Toshiba tablet. If others are having an issue reading the Sun Journal on their devices, or have a solution, please let me know.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Could you please find out what happened to Kim Block on WGME? I’ve enjoyed her sparkling personality and reporting. I know she fell this winter and had a concussion.

— No name, Auburn

ANSWER: Kim is still recovering as far as I know. She is on Twitter which is a good sign and I’m sure there will be an announcement when there is more news. For now, just keep her in your prayers.

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