Coach: Keith Weatherbie (second year)

Class: A; Conference: KVAC

Returning athletes: Boys: Senior — Viktor Tripp; Juniors — Cam Langlois, Devin Smith; Sophomores — Cooper Dunn, Leo Caron. Girls: Senior — Emily Libby; Juniors — Lily Vincent, Johanna Corey, Molly Vincent.

Key losses: Boys — Matt Syphers, Austin Brown; Girls — Jillian Richardson.

Promising newcomers: Boys — Weston Hartley, Jaden Ouellette, Oliver Brown, Landon Cougle, Max Brann, Drew Hyndman, Gabriel Despradel, Trenton White. Girls — Lindy Hyndman, Payton Bell, Emily Quinell, Gabrielle Brezovsky.

Season outlook: The girls team will look to rebuild after losing Jillian Richardson, one of the school’s all-time best runners. A strong group of newcomers on each team has the future looking bright in Weatherbie’s second year at the helm.


Coach: Adam Zukowski (12th year)

Class: B; Class: WMC

Last year’s results: Girls — Seventh at regionals, 12th at states; Boys — 10th at regionals.

Returning athletes: Girls — Madison Garcia, Alison MacDonald, Abby Dulac, Ruby Pfeifle. Boys — Wyatt Fessler, Raymond Woodworth, Will Fournier, Elijah Libby, Cameron Landry.

Key losses: Girls — Erica Schlichting, Abbey Chandler.

Promising newcomers: Boys — Joe Burgess; Girls — Leah Cote, Jessica MacDonald, Brooke Martin.

Outlook: The girls team is looking forward to reaching the state meet after last year’s trip, the first since the late 1980s. A core group of veterans will be the catalyst for the girls team. The boys will look to peak for regionals. 


Coach: Eric Lundblade

Conference: MAISAD

Returning athletes: Cynthia Rose, Kai Proctor, Ben Hathaway, Sam Tetreault.

Promising newcomers: Jamie Ray, Bob Xu, Carter Richmond, Forest Pelletier.

Key losses: Alex Romano, Kodi Legassie.

Season outlook: Hebron has solid numbers, bringing back back four runners from last year and adding three new runners, including “promising” Forest Pelletier, according to Lundblade. Lundblade expects the Lumberjacks to be competitive in conference and is excited to host the New England Division 4 championship in November.


Coach: Neal Rioux (second year)

Class: B; Conference: KVAC

Returning athletes: Senior — Chase Rowe; Juniors — Eryn Ryan, Ellery Macgregor, Abby Lavoie, Jaidyn Negley; Sophomores — Molly Sirois, Jonathan Schomaker.

Promising newcomers: Aleks Bachkovsky, Zack Lafontaine, Logan Ouellette, Olivia Allen, Ava Petrin, Margo Kenyon, Kenzie Cote.

Season outlook: Leavitt’s girls side returns a strong core of runners and adds a few more for what the Hornets expect to be an exciting team in the KVAC this year. The boys team is smaller, but looks to continually get better. 


Coach: Rebecca Dugan (sixth year)

Class: A; Conference: KVAC

Returning athletes: Boys: Seniors — Calvin Dundore, Tyler Freeman, Elijah Escobarl; Sophomore — Abas Shidad. Girls: Senior — Melina Masselli; Junior — Shauna LeBlanc; Sophomore — Taylor Belanger.

Key losses: Maurice Beaulieu.

Promising newcomers: Boys — Lucas Spurr, Jordan Leblond, Caleb Suli, Gavin Golder, Tyler Levesque, Brandon Lynch, Adam Bilodeau, Jibril Holloman, Julien Turmenne. Girls — Paige Collins, Madina Yonis, Yasmin Mohamed. 

Season outlook: Lewiston brings back a big group for the boys team and both the boys and girls team add a solid amount.


Coach: Jeremy Williams (sixth year)

Class: C; Conference: MVC

Returning athletes: Seniors — Kadrian Rugullies, Alex Cole, Corbin Hall, Michael Ray, David Moulin; Juniors — Max Boulet; Sophomore — Aiden Laviolette

Key losses: David Schlotterbeck, Geoffrey Shambarger, Izaya Mays

Promising newcomers: Hunter Burkhardt, Darien Davis, Luis Mockler, Wyatt Perron, Ben Shambarger, Abigail Lucas.

Season outlook: Williams is excited about the Greyhounds’ experienced senior leadership heading into the season. He said the boys team can challenge for the MVC crown. The girls team consists of just Abigail Lucas, so individual accomplishments will be her focus this fall.


Coach: Tom Menendez  (19th year)

Last year’s results: Boys — fourth at MVC, 13th at regional; Girls — first at MVC, fourth at regionals, fifth at states.

Returning athletes: Boys — Joe Crocker, Jason Kulinski, Ben Story, Hayden Luce. Girls — Kaitlin Hunt, Amber Currie, Lydia Roy, Jocelyn Coffin, Chloe Dwinal.

Promising newcomers: Trevor Bauer, Tristan Bauer, Logan Farr, Isaac Fortin, Adam Knell, Jared Martin, Ethan Nagle, Ostin Smith, Brosnam Comeau, Holly Hunt, Allyson Lewis, Mckenzie Grant.

Season outlook: Menendez said the Mustangs have their biggest boys team “in recent memory.” He is looking forward to seeing how Joe Crocker’s and Jason Kulinski’s great offseason work translates this fall into results. The girls team’s numbers are down but Menendez likes the returning experience. If the team stays focused and healthy, he expects them to be competitive. 


Coach: Jacob Boone (first year)

Class: C; Conference: MVC

Promising newcomers: Chandler Rollins, Jacob Butterfield, Gage Smith, Kaylee Knight.

Season outlook: In Mt. Abram’s first cross country season since 1996, coach Boone is ready to see what the squad of eight boys, including three seniors, can do. Kaylee Knight, who also plays soccer, will be the lone runner on the girls side. 


Coach: Kelley Cullenberg (27th year)

Class: A; Conference: KVAC

Last year’s results: Boys — Sixth at KVAC Class A, seventh at Northern Class A regionals, 14th at Class A states; Girls — Third at KVAC Class A. third at Northern Class A regionals, 10th at Class A States.

Returning athletes: Boys: Seniors — Logan Dolbier, Riley Drummond, Aubrey Hoes, Ethan McIntosh; Juniors — Charlie Eng, Lucien Hammond,Logan Holmes; Sophomores — Isaiah Doscinski, Sam Goodspeed, Alex Hardy, Sam Judkins. Girls: Seniors — Kahryn Cullenberg,  Julia Hatch, Allison Hodgdon, Gracie Ward; Juniors — Grace Dalton, Daphne Giampietro, Erin Johnson; Sophomores — Emma Charles, Abbie Cramer, Yana Hupp, Brynne Robbins. 

Promising newcomers: Boys — Evan Hornbach, Clay McCarthy, Justin Wider, Jacob Smith, Tomas Cundick, Evan Wilcox, Kyran Katzenbach, Gabe Mealey, Kodi Quimby, Carson Zundel. Girls — Delia Colello, Madeline Hutchinson, Giulia Johnson, Bridget Reusch, Moriah Reusch.

Season outlook: Both the boys and girls squads are big and experienced. Coach Kelley Cullenberg said the summer training has gone well and the teams have  potential to do some damage at every big meet. Kahryn Cullenberg is a runner to watch in the state this season as she enters her senior year. 


Coach: Jordan Lord (first year) and Jack Carney (first year)

Last year’s results: Girls — fourth at MVC. 

Returning athletes: Seniors — Hunter Spencer, Isabella Coulombe, Chloe Pinard; Juniors — Saraphin Bechard, Madison Chase, Madison Lavoie-Madore; Sophomore — Julian Thorpe.

Promising newcomers: Naomi Obenhaus, Julia Kronstrand, Marissa Smith, Joshua Gosselin, Jared Grant.

Season Outlook: First-year coaches Jordan Lord and Jack Carney are excited and ready to see the teams race this fall. The girls team has a strong core that is looking to build on last year’s fourth-place finish at the MVC championship. 


Coach: Luc Roy (13th year) 

Class: A; Conference: KVAC

Returning athletes: Girls: Seniors — Rachel Chase, Ashley Childs, Jordyn Gates, Marla Tanous, Isabelle Thomas; Juniors — Kaylynn Johnson, Jade Martel-Bixby, Fynn Moxcey. Boys: Juniors — Josh Cabral, Liam Childs, Cooper Hall, Quinn Hartnett, Payton Sherbinski, Alden Timm; Sophomores — Haken Teceno, Dawson Joseph, Logan Reynolds, Isaac Roy, Ayden St. Laurent, Henry Swift, Trevor Ward, Andy Wynot.

Key losses: Riley Smith, Alexander Wood, Christain Hayer, Cole Timberlake, Halle James, Elisabeth Sanborn, Emma Adler.

Promising newcomers: Joseph Beaudet, Donovan Sanborn, Silas Timm, Abby Cassidy, Sydney Youngs, Kamryn Grover.

Season outlook: A lot of experience returns and that has the Vikings’ boys and girls teams beaming with confidence. Roy said the teams are ready for success this year.


Coach: Sean Galipeau-Eldridge (18th year) 

Class: B; Conference: WMC

Returning athletes: Boys: Seniors — Cole Cushman, Matt Walker; Juniors — Timmy Brienza, Kason Dalton, Alex Mitchell, Lucas Moulton, David Salmons. Sophomores — Domenic Antonelli, Keagan Becvar, Caleb Hawley, Riley Day, Lucas Frechette, Jake Twigg. Girls: Seniors — Nevaeh Longchamps, Alanna Myshrall, Olivia Ouellette, Mia Turkington; Juniors — Emily Boenig, Miranda Maung; Sophomores — Montana Lobb, Evelyn Miller, Emma Turkington. 

Key losses: Boys: Colin Crosby, Kason Dalton, Justin Gagnon, Magnus Sibley, Tristin Whyte, Nolan Winslow; Girls: Pam Piirainen, Elizabeth Young.

Promising newcomers: Boys: Senior — Michael Merz; Sophomore — Tory Davis; Freshmen — Tyler Burke, Nolan Greenwald, Payton Hamilton, Jeffrey Hutchinson, Connor Rawson, Christian Vachon, Alex Webb. Girls: Sophomore — Trinity Sands. Freshmen — Ava Anderson, LiSha Powell.

What to expect: Jake Twigg figures to lead a large boys team at Poland that is looking to qualify for states as a team. Olivia Ouellette and Mia Turkington will guide the girls squad as veterans of the team and past state-meet qualifiers. Galipeau-Eldridge thinks both teams can reach the state meet.  


Coach: Jessica Ellingwood (fifth year)

Class: C; Conference: MVC

Returning athletes: Bailey Coates, Eugene Lindsey.

Promising newcomers: Sam Perkins, Owen Schwab, Abrahm Geissinger, Quin Fournier, Brian Daigle, Nick Pepe, Ava Coates, Mackenzie Michaud, Emily Duboard.

Season outlook: Spruce Mountain has the largest number of preseason runners in school history this fall, helping Ellingwood continue to grow the program in her fifth year. The Phoenix add eight runners this year, which should help build a strong base for the future. 


Coach: Dan Campbell (first year)

Class: C; Conference: WMC

Returning athletes: Boys: Senior — Mark D’Alessando; Juniors — Liam Levasseur, Owen Mitchell, Max Comis, Nick Homan; Sophomores — Carlo Cabreras, McKenzie Lagerman. Girls: Juniors — Sarah Brown, Grace Girardin.

Promising newcomers: Huang Gechi, Matt Homan, Hauk Tallman, Denae St. Jean, Cezarie St. Jean.

Season outlook: St. Dom’s brings back D’Alessandro, the Class C runner-up a year ago. New head coach Dan Campbell is looking to take the Saints to the next level. 


Coach: Haley Colpitts (first year)

Class: C; Conference: MVC

Returning athletes: Sophie Hanscom, Dilan Smith.

Key losses: Emily Hanscom, Ricco Call.

Promising newcomers: Colin Herling, Evan LeConey, Allen White. 

Season outlook: The team is looking to improve its individual times and set new records for themselves under new coach Haley Colpitts.


Coach: Ed Van Tassel (eighth year)

Results last season: Boys — Sixth in MVC, 12th in regionals; Girls — Third in MVC, eighth at regionals.

Top returners: Seniors — Zak St. Germain, Loal Vance, Sam Allen, Maya Deming, Alexis Emery; Juniors — Chase Keezer, Aiden Mitchell, Madison Forgue; Sophomore — Olivia Vance.

Key newcomers: Patrick Bellemare, James Cognata, Jillian Schmelzer, Kena Souza, Lydia Rice, Sage Fortin.

Season outlook: Winthop’s girls team figures to be at the top of the MVC and the region, according to coach Ed Van Tassel. The boys team is working for a top finish at the MVC meet and beyond. 

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